UDK Supported Antenna

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Where can we get antenna designs that is supported for LC14 single antenna solution. Also, is there a list of supported high gain antennas available for CH9? Are there special provisions to make it compatible with PA/LNA for CH9.

We are trying to make a custom board and stuck at antenna selection.

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do you looking for something like this?

murata - Hardware Design Guide
murata - datasheet and documentations

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Hi @foray ,
I tried to run Leaps RTLS in Murata 2AB Dev. Kit and in UDK1 (LC14)


I tried to flash the leaps rtls in Murata 2AB Dev. Kit and make it a TWR Tag.

But when I use this setup with 4 UDK Anchors in TWR Mode, around 30% packets were constantly dropped ( ‘les’ command did not use to show all range from all 4 UDK Anchors ).


I used 2 UDK Anchors and 2 Murata 2AB Dev Kit as another 2 anchors in TWR mode. Tag is EITHER Murata 2AB Dev Kit OR UDK Tag

In this scenario, The Tag is able to get distances from only UDK Anchors. The distances from Murata Dev Kit anchors are not showing up in the ‘les’ command. It only shows when i bring the tag nearby the Murata Dev Kit Anchor ( distance <3m )


I believe there is some issue maybe due to difference in Antennas of two different boards. Do we need to change some configuration when trying to run it in Murata 2AB Dev Kit ?


While designing our own board for both anchor/tag, Do we need to stick with Jolie JL159 Antenna? In this case it is difficult to find reference design of Jolie Antenna online